On the last day of 2016 I begin my journey to Florence, Italy for the full year of 2017. While in Italy I will be studying at the Angel Academy of Art. The purpose of this one-year long adventure is to learn as much as I can about traditional techniques of drawing and painting. My special interest will be learning how to accurately draw the human figure from life. I will be doing this solo. Lea will remain in Merida pursuing her weaving, traveling with friends and beginning the journey to find another dog to join our family in 2017. I will be doing blog entries, hopefully, on a weekly basis that will be shared via Facebook. I expect to retract significantly from Facebook itself—relying on my weekly posts about what I leaned to suffice.

If you would like to join this experience, then follow this blog. I plan to make my entries a record of what I am learning, my experiences of living alone, the deep engagement in a new place with a rich history, and my weekend excursions to other places to see great art.

Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoy.

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