2017.04.08 through 04.14 Week 15 + Term 2 Week 1
The first week after the Spring break brought new teachers and new assignments. I did not complete Jupiter (my final Barge 3) by the end of term one. My goal is to finish it by April 18. Monday the 17th is a national holiday so I will have a 3-day weekend to concentrate on finishing this final Bargue drawing.

The afternoons in the first week were spent getting back into the figure drawing mode after the two week break. We have a new, Italian, teacher Guila Bucciarelli. She is good but not as attentive or particular as Davide Barbini was. However, she has a good sense when one of us needs attention. This change of style may also be that since we have “graduated” to the next term there is likely more expectations for self-starting. It is true that I am certainly more confident. We began the week with quick gestural sketches. Here are the sketches from the first three days.

The week concluded with more figural poses. All of this is in preparation for the next two weeks when we will do a 2 week pose. I also made significant progress in completing the final Bargue, Jupiter (#3). If all goes well this weekend I will be finished early next week.

week 15 - 1week 15 - 2week 15 - 3

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