Whenever something new (good, bad or ugly) happens, there is that moment when the brain is trying to process the emotion, that things get a bit fuzzy (at least for me). There is a warp in time–one that prevents clear and focused thinking. Things speed up and slow down–weirdly simultaneously. I suppose rigourous training would be useful in shortening the time between the initial blurriness and the clarity of focused attention. For me, these “blurry” moments have not occurred very often in my past. Recently, however, I got a good look at what blurry looks like. We had a series of break-ins in the neighborhood.

Since these recent break-ins, Lea and I have been introducing a few new safety routines; nearly completed the installation of extra perimeter security fencing; and have met with a security consultant. Some of these measures may not even be necessary but we are making sure we do not leave out any consideration.

What is very nice, however, is how lovingly concerned our neighbors have been. We have had nice conversations with our immediate neighbors who, naturally, are just as concerned as we are. It is also comforting that the intruders do not seem to be selecting only “gringos and gringas.” Today we discussed the impact of this on our lives with our wonderful household help who have graciously offered to stay here when I am traveling–very comforting to both of us. Sometimes in life it takes strange twist to realize what is precious and what is not. Certainly Lea and I have soul searched. Our conclusion, at least for today, is that Merida is our new home and will will make this work.

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