know thyselfOver the past several weeks, I have had a big sadness floating around me every day. It is the killing fields in the Middle East that is so sad and upsetting. I have read 1,000s of words. Defensive diatribes justifying both side’s point of view. Thoughtful meditations on historical context and why one side or the other is justified. Memorable essays on why we should not be too critical of Israel. Reminders that Israel is a country and not a religious post. Pictures sent to me by Muslim friends of murdered innocents. Criticism of the US for sending $3 Billion a year to Israel. Passionate rhetoric about why the Palestinians are so maligned and misunderstood–and right to be fighting back. Essay about why Saudi Arabia and Egypt are not backing the Hamas. Regurgitations on how sick Hamas is and it’s singular focus on wiping out all Jews. Clearly written articles about why history is being rewritten in real time.

Back and forth; back and forth; my heart is heavy and my head is spinning. 

I am worn out. But my tiredness is nothing comported to the aging and terror going on in the Middle East.

So this morning I wrote little parable that proposes my own solution:

One side: “I hate you.”

The other side: “I hate you more.”

Both sides: “Let’s get others to pay us to hate each other.”

One side: “I hate you so much I will kill you.”

The other side” “yes, I can understand that so I will protect myself with all the money others give me.”

One side: “But that is not fair, since I do not have as much money as you.”

The other side: “too bad, all is fair in hate and war.”

One side: “well, if that is the way you feel, I will stand next to my kids so if you do kill me, at least I will be in heaven with my kids.”

The other side: “If you show up in my heaven, I will kill you again.”

The one side: “If we both end up in the same heaven and start over killing each other, then tell me why are we bothering to kill each other now? Let’s just wait until we get to heaven. At least there we will live forever and can kill each other every day. Way more satisfying!”

The other side: “it’s a deal!”

Both sides: “Time to make peace on earth.”

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