Today was a great day. Not only did I have my stitches removed, but I am now free of having to stay in bed 22-1/2 hours a day with my left leg elevated above my heart. My sling cast was replaced with a full cast (fiberglass—very well done by the medical technician.) I still need to keep it level (to reduce swelling), but I can now work from my desk so long as my leg is horizontal—which is easy to do with a supplemental stool. For the next four week I will not be able to put any weight on the foot—only “touch down” for balance. Being able to lie in bed without my “elevation wedge” will be a great freedom. The doctor was “impressed” at how little swelling there was and that I am not feeling any pain. I am now off all drugs except aspirin which is being used to control blood clots. So, the next phase of recovery begins.

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