On Wednesday, I head to the hospital. I will be operated on by Dr Crary—an orthopedic surgeon specializing in feet. Here is what is going on:

My left foot (with apologies to Christy Brown and Daniel Day Lewis): Left peroneal longus to brevis transfer. possible hamstring allograft, lateralizing calconeal osteotomy, dorisflexing midfoot osreotomy gatronocnemic recession. Left cavovaruss foot, peroneal tendinitis, gastrocenmis equinus.

I will be bed-ridden for 14 days, beginning Thursday, August 9, 2018,. This will be to keep my foot elevated above my heart. This will reduce the swelling and minimize the chance for blot clots, etc. I will be allowed to get up 3X a day for meals and a tiny bit of exercise. I will do leg lifts, weights lifts for my arms, etc to try an reduce the inevitable atrophy. After this initial 2 weeks, I will have 4 weeks with a cast then 4 weeks in a boot. After that it will take about 40 weeks (total of about a year) for me to get back to “normal.” This seems like too much time—but it is what the “experts” are saying. All of this is a result of a congenital condition that caused me to “super pronate”–a big word meaning that on my left foot I walked on the outside edge. Time caught up with me and the two outside tendons, which were taking the load, are worn to the point of breaking. I do have a very positive attitude and hope to be able to post stories about the process.The surgeon will repair and strengthen these tendons and make some strategic “cuts” of my ankle and the bone to my left toe to “realign and drop my high arch; enabling my weight to be properly distributed.”

I have assembled my reading “pile” for the 12 weeks. I am already half way through the Room to Dream biography/autobiography about and by David Lynch. I suspect that I will plow through these books too quickly—but I also will have at my ready my sketch books. I want to plan my next 3 paintings.

I have an idea for 3 “portal” paintings that will be based on people coming from a brightly lit corridor into a room that is dark. This will create a back-lit image. It is evocative of what we are facing in today’s heated and scary political world. We have left the enlightenment of the Obama presidency and are all entering a dark place occupied by many nefarious folks who are hell-bent on destroying our democracy.

We shall see how this plays out. In the meantime, stay tuned for the progress. I am especially interested to “self observe” this whole phenomenon since I am not one who likes sit still.

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