Beginning today, my wife and I are following the sound medically and scientifically proven advice of social distancing and staying home. We will be good citizens and not jeopardize others with ill-advised travel and human contact. Even though we may not contract the virus, we could easily pass it along to others. This is our moral responsibility. This virus has brought into sharp focus that we are, at the end of the day, a together-nation and not a collection-of-individuals-nation. Despite what the republicans want us to believe, we are interdependent not independent. That rugged independence is a myth perpetrated by the greedy to trick the naive populace into believing that only through individual action will your lot in life get better. Success is a chain reaction—not a spontaneous combustion. The republicans offer only this ruse to enable exploitation. This virus has laid bare the transparent falsehood of that notion.

For us, there are no serious inconveniences. I like to cook and we have a well provisioned larder—that is normal for us since we don’t like to shop and prefer simple, vegan hearty meals. We have not hoarded. I am making soups that will keep us nutritionally fed. We have plenty of reading materials. I have my drawing pads and easel and Lea has her looms. We will do our part to isolate ourselves. We can still walk in the woods.

If we pay attention and focus on introspection, this virus will teach us lessons: we need each other more than we need just ourselves; the action of an individual impacts everyone eventually; empathy is a trait far more important that selfishness; love transcends hate; long-term thinking takes us further as a nation that shortsightedness. If we learn these lessons, then I am hopeful that we can rid ourselves of the other malicous virus: djtvid-45.

As time will no doubt reveal, President Number 45 has done more damage and caused more deaths than this virus ever will. He has actively dismantled sound science and research; eliminated social programs; ignored thoughtful and well reasoned advice from both sides of the aisle; lined his pockets at the expense of others; and provided a incubation chamber for hate and greed to flourish. My hope is that covid-19 will be a teaching moment and reignite the collective potential of all Americans. Stay safe my dear friends.

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