Oneirology (/ɒnɪˈrɒləi/; from Greek ὄνειρον, oneiron, “dream”; and λογία, logia, “the study of”) is the scientific study of dreams.

in-between a state or position that is in the middle between two other things : a middle position.

In less than 60 days, my wife and I will be settling into our new home in Portland, Oregon. In this moment, I am neither here nor there. I am latched to the home we designed together until the lock is released by the key held by the new owner—whenever that occurs. I will turn the lock to our new home in Portland with a key that will likely be the last home key we will own. For now, I am slowly disengaging from this place that we had intended to call home until we died. Besides the physical disengagement, I am—through drawings, painting, writing and reminiscing—letting go of all the strings tethering me to México. I am also experiencing, for the first time in a long time, a deeper dream state that has created new images that I am using as source material for new drawings and paintings.

Thinking back in time, I recall other periods of  intense dreaming—and they all seem to coincide with times of In-betweenness: teenager, going to college, moving to Europe, starting an new job, etc. I am no dream expert nor will I even attempt to interpret this emergence of a deeper and richer dream state during times of stress. I just know that this in-betweeness is creating a fertile field of images and ideas that I will mine for my art. It is a just compensation for the disconcerting nature of this time—a time that is both hopeful and sad; a time that is disconnected yet yearning for a connection.

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