France_2006_296Once in a while we are removed from our normal mental and physical routines. For me, the removal came as the result of a bi-lateral hernia operation. For those that know me, I have moved at a fast pace since I emerged from my mother’s womb. I walk fast, eat fast and generally am impatient with slowness.

The time for slowness has come. It is fascinating to witness and feel the body and mind fighting to synchronistically align. My mind establishes my desires and pace. My body says no. They are in constant battle for supremacy. Even the relatively simple act of lying in bed is difficult since the physical is constantly sending signals to the brain to move positions. These signals interrupt my reading or thinking. It forces me to be in a state of limbo that is quite discomfiting.

As the body heals, slowly the mind is able to reassert itself and take its balanced place. But for the next several weeks. I will be living with this asynchrony. I will use the time to dream and to conjure up images for new painting. Who knows, maybe this is a recalibration of my life-long fastness into a much needed slowness. The outcome maybe be more than just good health.  It might be a new channel for discovery.

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