Lurking in Plain Sight

We live in an extraordinary time. We have a class of people that are so wealthy that they can not, in a reasonable way, spend their wealth in their own lifetimes. We also have a class of people who are so selfish that that their whole world view excludes (by willful racism, bigotry or arrogance) the majority of people in the world. Sadly, there is a third class of folks who are a fusion of both the first two classes.

Many of these folks are, equally sadly, in charge of our government. Their world view is so viciously exclusionary that they are blinded of their insensitivity and callousness. Their only sign of success is more personal gain at the expense of others. The more they have the more they want—and the more they get the less they leave for others. In order to prop up their greedy excesses and grabbing, they create class warfare and fan the fuel of fear and distrust. They thrive on taking, Giving is as foreign to them as licking a cactus. Their light is darkness. Time begins in darkness and only slows for those rare moments when they acknowledge that someone is correct. This correctness, again sadly, is mostly tied to comments by people who prop them up, politically, through donations. They are the anxious ones. They do not hear the sounds of laughter, crying or silence. They are not eager to seek love or intimacy or stillness. Their inner wings seek not flight nor to lift the spirits of others—but simply to beat against their own breast plates of greed. They circle at night, where light is diminished by distance, to the place that enables them to repeat their savage revenge on our planet, our needy and our nests. Do they dream? Do they care? Can there be redemption? Will they one day awake?

Or will it take us to raise a ruckus to retrieve the balance so much deserved in this land of plenty that is becoming a land of the barren?


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