Facebook helped me in many ways understand the tension, distrust and simmering anger on all sides of the political spectrum over the past year and a half. It has served its purpose. I know now that it is not a vehicle for change—only confirmation. While at times I thought I was making headway in the persuasion department, in reality I was just encouraging others to hunker down. What is clear to me now is that we have a national malaise of indifference towards the planet, the equality of others and basic human decency. The hatred towards women, the misogyny and their basic rights to personal choices with regard to their reproductive rights is beyond comprehension. The elevation of greed over simplicity; consumption over conservation; exploitation over preservation; willful ignorance over education; and hatred over love has hit me hard. I thought we were finally at a mature and thoughtful place as a nation. Sadly we are regressing at an accelerated pace. We are now a nation being run by infantile extremists who share nothing in common with me. When I was younger I would have fought back. I tried through commentary. But the tone-deafness is so entrenched that I believe we are more than a generation away from restarting the 1960s dreams our generation set in motion. We fought so hard. I will enter my old age sad and feel most, but not all, was for naught. For the first time in a long while I am not optimistic.

I am going back to using Facebook for keeping up with friends, family and a select group of colleagues from work and other offices. I am looking forward to posting my progress as an artist. The encouragement, in the face of my naive and clumsy beginnings, are really wonderful and give me courage to keep exploring. Thanks to everyone.

I will use this blog to muse on life and it’s complex set of ever-changing perplexities. If you want to follow this blog feel free to sign up. Otherwise I will continue to share my blog through the WordPress application.

My time now will be directed away from political ping-pong and endless rants, fake-news sites, virtual screaming and bad feelings. I hope one day our world finds it’s natural balance.

In the meantime I have to find mine. My chair “blue” is waiting.

Take care.

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