Each day I look closely for those precious few moments when there is an intersection of calm and quietude. They are critical to my personal well-being and balance. I use them to read, garden, think about a painting, or compose for this blog.

Lately, the number of minutes per day has been rising. Yesterday I had nearly 60 minutes! We have nearly completed what will be our annual clean-up, repainting, crack repair, concrete refinishing, etc (a long list here in the tropics.) The house is settling into an almost finished state—something anyone from Merida will tell you is rare.

This morning was just such a morning. Last night we had a very nice meal at a new restaurant in Centro called “Pita.” The chef, quite a pleasant fellow, is Israeli. Afterwards we had a leisurely walk home, watched an episode of “Spiral” (a French police/detective show), and went to bed early. After an early rise and coffee, I spent time in the garden transplanting tomato and lettuce plants after cleaning out one of the raised beds. While doing this, I felt close to mother earth. Dirty hands, smell of fresh arugula and basil, clear, calm and cool air and birds flitting about.

So, seize those little moments. Do not feel like you need big blocks of time. A collection of little blocks will do just fine if you pay attention.

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