simon 13 yearsToday we said goodbye to our beloved Simon, a soft-coated Wheaten terrier. He was fourteen years old and suffered from arthritis, dementia and had a serious heart condition. He was with us through our transition to Merida and made life so much richer in every way. He joins his brother Alex and sister Abby, both wheaties. There is an enormous hole in our lives now. He was our son and deep connection to all living things. Lea was the best mother a dog could ever have. She prepared all of his food by hand; soothed his ills and was vigilant in keeping him healthy. We are fortunate that he lived for 14 years–longer than Abby or Alex by 2-3 years.

While we will never fill this void, we will have deep wonderful memories of you dear Simon. You were one of the sweetest dogs on this planet. Your love of people, expressed so vigorously by your enthusiastic jumping on all new guests, was infectious. You made friends with everyone–including all the wonderful folks at Pet Chalet. This is especially true of the owner, Patti Arrigunaga–one of the most loving and dedicated pet carers that we have every met.

I will miss you. You are at peace now. Love, your dad.

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