lea and simon (1 of 1).jpgI find “top ten” list this time of year to be less than blissful.

I find them relentlessly banal. Anyone who has spent the year paying any attention at all will already know what is best for the year. At this time of year, the publishers of websites, consumer sites, newspaper, etc all work really hard to get your clicks and double clicks so that their end of year click-through can be high and they can increase there leverage at how many pennies they will get for your click. Their staffers want an easy ride into the finale of the year—not having to do too much work during the holiday season except compile a list from their work during the year.

Why are we obsessed with # 1 thru #10 anyway? What kind of inner itch is scratched? Do we need confirmation that we had already know the list and were thus feeling cocky and all superior? Why bother other than it is, I concede,  a convenient way to collect a list that you will likely never get round to in the next year. The cycle will repeat.

My list is one item long. It contains one word:


My wife who continues to astound me with her love, insights, caring and obsession with making things right. Here she is with her beloved Simon…

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