Photo: Todd Heisler/The New York Times (I hope he does not mind)

Today, at 4:50PM PST I saw a news flash on my phone that Ruth Bader Ginsberg had just died. It felt like cosmic punch was thrown into my gut. Besides her lauded intellect and service to justice, I just really liked her spunk. I will not repeat all of the accomplishments nor recite her credentials. Everyone knows them.

I just need to get my disorientation and sadness out. I also need to express my sincere fear of what will happen next: Mitch McConnell will put a new nomination on speed dial. He will leave in the dust his past efforts at the end of the Obama Administration saying that appointment confirmations at the end of a president’s term is not advised.

So: we have COVID, wild fires, an idiot egotist in the White House and now this. The fight will play right in to the hands of those opposed to a balanced Supreme Court. It plays to the evangelicals who secretly do not like #45 but want the courts stacked with an anti-abortionist jurist. I reach deep every day looking for a ray of sunshine and optimism. I am not normally depressed. I am now reaching the bottom of my optimism barrel. I can, and will not let this confluence of madness defeat me. I am so grateful that Notorious RBG spent her full life fighting for justice and equality. Peace to her immediate family—and her international family of admirers who drew strength from the strength of her opinions, fairness and judicial prowess. I am devastated. RIP::RBG The is my painting in response to her death,


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