It has been nearly three months since I last posted an article. That post centered on the progress of the healing to the foot that was surgically corrected. In these last three months I have progressed from a rigid cast to a removable brace. In addition, I have been working with Helen McDevitt, M.S.P.T., O.C.S., a terrific physical therapist at Rebound. Each day is better than the last and sleep is much more restful. It will be until at least March before all of the swelling is gone from the the three surgical incisions. The pain in the foot is receding everyday. The pain in my heart does not. I can not wait to get back to my long walks.

During these 12+ weeks of recovery I have had plenty of time to read and contemplate the state-of-the-union. As we move slowly through this political quagmire brought to us by decades of devolution, I have become more convinced that our plight is not a result of pure ambition but simply through fear and greed. Fear yields isolation and greed destroys everything in its path. The potent combination of fear and greed births ignorance, distrust and secrecy. I am, at the moment, not very optimistic that we, as nation, are capable of correcting the trajectory of this downward spiral. This past election did bring some hope—but I am just cynical enough to question whether the democratic leadership will pay attention to the wisdom of this refreshing and youthful freshman class. Of course, #45 continues to display a willful distrust of anything that is not in his control or is not sycophantic. His bold lies and increasing belligerent behavior does not foretell cooperation with the new congress in January 2019. Both the democratic and republican parties have been beholden to the war-machine, the medical business and wall street. The democrats are slightly more skilled at masking their relationship and do, on the whole, profess to at least care about the less fortunate. Whether anything can be done will be revealed in January. I am skeptical but refuse to be beaten.

I am convinced that only through slow and meaningful local changes can big things happen. For this reason. I am beginning the process of investigating joining the Board of the Multnomah County Library Board. That way I can connect locally and continue to give-back to my community. I eagerly await 2019 and then, of course, 2020.


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