Portrait of Jeffrey Scherer by Giulia Bucciarelli | Florence, Italy | 2017

Hello everyone. With the help of www.midstatedesign.com I have integrated my personal website and my artworks website (www.schererworks.com). I have also created a link to my new Jeffrey Scherer Artist Facebook page. Why am I doing this?

There is a simple reason:
I want to promote the fact that all of my art work will be given away to support library and literacy causes. I believe passionately that literacy and free access to vetted and reliable information is central to a vibrant and vital democracy. The society in the US has recently been subjected to a dangerous distortion of democracy through economic coercion. Wealthy people, whose only goal in life is to get wealthier, have warped the political landscape through financial incentives. Politicians are so scared of these financial pirates that they will distort the truth to ensure that the money keeps flowing.

I believe that art is the only true measure of a society—and the only hope in eradicating this soullessness of the contemporary political landscape. Art encompasses mathematics, science, literature, culture and, most importantly, love. If we are to emerge from this current black abyss we must look to art. There is no solution in unfetterd capitalism. It is an empty promise. There is no solution in greed or selfishness. Only through the liberation of art will we find happiness through truth. For this reason I give away all of my art. If you like something I have done, all you have to do is contact me through the website. I will happily give the artwork to you in exchange for you making a donation to a local library or literacy cause. It is that simple. All I ask in return is for you to a) pay me a modest amount for the materials and for the postage, b) donate to the cause of your choice and c) let me know who received the donation.

We will make it through this current crisis if we remember that love is the central element of all true gifts.




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