“I hate the word blog. If I am pushed, I will push back.” —Ursula K. Le Guin (from interviews on Oregon Public Radio).  I too dislike the word blog. I have decided to retire my “blog” called www.espiritudemerida.com in order to consolidate everything into my personal artworks site called www.schererworks.com. At that site, I post my artwork which is given away to support library and literacy needs.

The “espiritudemerida” site was started when Lea and I decided to move to Mérida, México. It was initially a way to track the progress of designing and building our home—and a place to describe the intellectual and emotional changes I was experiencing related to moving. It also enabled me to keep a serial record of the process. Over time, as we settled into our new life, the blog became less about relocation and building and more about my art and philosophy.Now that we have decided to relocate to Portland, Oregon, this dedicated “blog” no longer makes any sense. I am incorporating everything into one place. I also am retitling my posts “articles.” I feel this is much nicer word and more clearly states what I am doing. The articles will shift to be more focused on my art making and my personal philosophical observations which inform my life and art. The content of the “espiritudemerida” blog will be moved to and archived at the new site.

I hope you enjoy this. Thank you for following me. You can follow me on the new site if you wish.

Note: I would like to thank Corey at www.midstatedesign.com for all of his probono work in helping me with this transition and with setting up my new site. His generosity has meant that more resources can go to helping the world of libraries and literacy. If you have a need any web-related services, please contact Corey at https://midstatedesign.com/contact-midstate-design/. He is a consummate professional.


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