2020.01.09.017In these days of self isolation and radical people avoidance measures, we are all facing our inner selves in many ways. Some are in denial and reaching for spirits beyond reason to justify a closeness that will likely kill many of them. Others are relishing this time of isolation and quietly celebrating their introversion. For those who have led more middle-ground social lives there is simultaneous tension and relief—tension from the longing to be with others; relief that they know they are doing their part to flatten the curve of this virus as it courses through lives indiscriminately.

Personally, I am rather enjoying this time. I spent nearly 50 years being “front-and-center” running a business or representing a business with client contact. It was a 24X7 enterprise. I do not regret one minute of this investment in making great buildings and creating wonderful places and libriaries for people. Now, I am able to focus on reaching inside and expressing on two dimensional surfaces those three dimensional experiences that have shaped my life. Besides these artistic extractions from deep within my experiential past, I am also enjoying drawing and painting imaginary places and people. My only restraint is my skill—which, like with all arts, gets better with each mistake.

There are many positives in this time:

  • Healthcare professionals risking their lives to save lives
  • The folks that are respecting the call for self isolation and social distancing
  • The resultant quietude and cleanliness of the air and water
  • The celebration of animals as they are no longer being slaughtered by cars
  • The shift away from conspicuous consumption and the resultant rethinking of capitalism
  • People getting in touch with people for the simple reason to connect—not to get something in return
  • The 1,000s of people volunteering to make masks and work in food banks; the teachers helping students with their work via online teaching; the librarians being redeployed to other essential services
  • The artists who are giving their music, readings and art away
  • The safety professionals risking their lives to protect us from those that choose to be arrogant and ignore the scientifically proven safety measures
  • The leadership of the governors and city mayors who are ruled by reason not political maneuvering
  • Time is slowing down–especially useful at my age

The biggest challenge for me in this time of isolation is staying positive in light of the chaos at the federal level. This article will not devolve into a discussion about the incompetence and ignorance of our president and his sycophantic followers. Suffice it to say, the US is losing its hard earned place as a leader in world affairs. We are, as a result of his naive bravado and selfish actions, losing all respect. Trying to stay positive in the face of this person is positively perplexing.

Keep creating folks. It will boost your positive outlook. 

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